UPS systems for every application

Valley Forge Power Systems has provided UPS systems for almost any type of application. We have partnered with leading edge technology manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Alpha, Eaton, and Toshiba. We provide the solutions that best suit the needs of the application.

We have supplied your traditional single phase rack mount UPSs for IT closets for a variety of end users for applications such as VOIP distribution, Security systems, and process control.

Our larger 3 phase UPSs range from 10kVA up through 2.1MW. We have coupled these UPSs with standard 10 year VRLA batteries as well as NiCAD, wet cell, and flywheel storage. These units have been used to back up critical loads such as data centers, process control, SCADA systems, and 911 emergency dispatch centers.

Some of our products we have been supplied are rated to NEMA 3, and NEMA 4X for critical loads such as distributed antenna systems, perimeter security, tunnels and other harsh environment loads.

  • Most Reliable UPS Systems in the market
  • AC or DC applications
  • UPS products for a variety of applications
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Outside Plant
  • Superior efficiency up to 99% with silicon carbide double conversion technology
  • Knowledge and experience to help size and design the perfect solution for every need