Valley Forge Power Systems, Inc. provides products to safely bridge all voltage anomalies and ensure maximum uptime and motor life for valuable production equipment while safely operating on grid voltage. We have partnered with UST SureVolt™ automatic voltage regulator provides tightly controlled voltage through both transient and longer-term low or high voltage events, while balancing three-phase power.

VFPS can also provide protection for critical production equipment against random voltage sags typically caused by transmission line disturbances or naturally occurring weather-related events. The UST SagFighter™ active voltage conditioner uses ultra-fast correcting technology to ride through deep voltage sags common to both urban and remote industrial areas throughout the world.

  • Sag protection compliant with SEMI-F47
  • Full sag correction within 2 milliseconds
  • Sag correction duration independent of load or power factor
  • Sag correction for a minimum of 100 seconds
  • No need for bypass operation for high inrush or overload currents
  • Continuous protection without the need to recharge or reset
  • Non-continuous inverter operation that increases reliability and provides 99% efficiency
  • Battery-free design